Learning to stay on task is quite possibly on of the most important skills you can endeavor to master.

It is responsible for your effectiveness when executing a goal efficiently and is the determining factor between meeting a deadline with ease or rushing to finish something at the last minute.

There has been much research regarding the association between listening to music and effeciency and although many people believe that music helps them execute a task this is generally speaking not the case.

The ideal state of work is the state known as “flow” this is the state in which your full attention is dedicated to the task at hand. As such it is hard to dictate against the reality that for flow to be truly achieved full attention must be given to whatever it is you are attempting to accomplish.

The easiest way to improve your ability to do a task quickly and simply is to cut off all distractions, put your phone on silent, clear your mind before starting, remove all sensory distractions and prepare yourself mentally for the activity you are about to engage with. If you do this prior to starting all major activities you will find yourself completing your goals in record time and becoming more productive than you could have ever imagined.

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