We all have times when we struggle to do the things that are going to give us the most positive progress in our lives. Whether it’s in the areas of health, relationships, business, career or anything else that we want to improve upon.
I often find that I hit roadblocks regarding producing certain things and taking actions that I know will make the most positive impact on my life. I recently found myself hitting a complete roadblock regarding finished a product that I was making that packaged up the core things that I have learnt about creating change over my last 5 years of complete immersion in personal development.
I got to a certain point with the project where I found myself daunted by the task ahead of me, it was an overwhelming feeling but at the time I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was causing it.
The thing is that I believe that with this program I have the ability to really help people improve the quality of their lives but my progress on developing it had stalled. I started telling myself that I didn’t need to make it, but over the past several months of putting it aside I can not stop the voices in my head from telling me that I need to finish it and they keep reminding me that it is important work that must be finished.
I found myself sitting in silence at my computer desk contemplating my program yesterday and I picked up a piece of paper and wrote two questions in the hopes of finding some answers for my internal block.
The first question that I asked myself was
What fears do I have about my product launch?
. That it wont sell.
. That I will blow my chance to get my first product out there successfully.
. That it wont help people.
. That I don’t have the audience to sell it to.
When I looked at the page and my answers to that question I was confronted by the truth that I hadn’t previously acknowledged that the reason I hadn’t moved forward was actually based in fear.
The second question that I asked myself was
What is the truth about what I fear?
. That I am able to sell it in person and that over time people will find out about it.
. That as long as I continue to put it out there it will become successful.
. That what I have learnt and what I know is important information and that I can impart skills and knowledge to an audience that is currently unserved.
. That through consistently adding value to people’s lives I will build an audience, the product will help me build an audience.
Once I had written down my fears and what I believed to be the truth’s about those blocks I came to a shocking realization. When I initially began to develop the program and put everything together I was doing so because I sincerely wanted to help people and was driven by that factor but somewhere along the lines in the creative process my motifs began shifting to trying to figure out how I could monetize it and once my energy had shifted my drive almost completely disappeared, I feel in myself that this was because once money became the focus the creative work that was involved lost it’s essence and purity of intention.
I re-centered myself in the reason behind why I was creating a program in the first place, it is to “give people who are struggling in various areas of their lives the help that they need to feel motivated and driven to make lasting changes in their lives and to provide them with resources and information that assists them in doing so”. After thinking about that I felt an instant sense of relief about what I was going to do and it removed the mental blocks that I had about creating what I needed to create.
If I hadn’t of asked myself those questions I wouldn’t have come upon the answers that I ended out with, but in doing so I was able to peel back the layers of what was driving my behaviour and what had caused my internal resistance.
If you feel blocked or stuck regarding something that you are working on or trying to progress with and you want to delve deeper into what the fears that are holding you back are then there are two simple questions that you can ask yourself in times of doubt and difficulty.
1. What am I afraid of about….
2. What is the truth about what I fear?
Now here’s the important part, you need to then reflect on those answers, have you lost sight of the real reason why you were trying to do what you were doing in the first place?
I had lost track of my intention, but after I dug deep I found the truth nestled in amongst my fears and now after seeing the truth for what it is I feel release over the fact that if something I create manages to help one person improve the overall quality of their lives then I have created something worthwhile and all the work and hours put in would be well worth it.
Often what we are afraid of is simply masking confusions that we have deep down regarding our intentions, clear the fears and you will uncover your deepest intentions which will in turn make way for the progress that you want and deserve to make.

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