Paris Mitchell is a Perth based Motivational Speaker.

He has spoken and performed to over 20,000 people across Australia and in several continents and has delivered his presentations in a variety of organisations, including at conferences, in universities, government departments, corporations, mining companies and high schools.

He has also been featured and given commentary in the West Australian, Channel 9, Business News and an array of other media outlets.

Paris talks about the ways in which people that are struggling with addiction and mental health issues can find positive ways of moving forward and overcoming what they are struggling with. He utilizes motivational speaking and an array of other mediums to inspire and motivate people to see the capacity that they have within themselves for massive personal change.

After coming from a broken home, dealing with bullying at school and struggling with a life of addiction throughout his adolescence, Paris finally hit a point at the age of 21 when his life had come crashing down.

Father to a newly born son and sentenced to nearly three years behind bars for crimes committed whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol it finally dawned upon him…

The likely hood of getting out of the vicious cycle of substance abuse and crime was stacked up against him. He decided at that point that he wanted something more from life, that he was the creator of his destiny and that ultimately he had complete control over where he ended up in the long term.
He realized that the little things in life added up to big outcomes.

Paris has spent the past 6 years completely immersed in developing himself and over that time he is proud to say that “I have systematically changed every area of my life”.

It hasn’t been easy, it has taken time and he has had help along the way. But the truth is that he has now achieved what many said he could never do.

“I have rebuilt destroyed relationships, I have gotten a University degree despite the fact that I dropped out of high school before finishing year 10 and my most fulfilling achievement is that I have spent the past four years completely clean and sober and every day I get to do the things that I am most passionate about.”

Paris believes in the capacity that everyone has within in them to transform their lives, create new habits and ways of being and feel connected and engaged with the community.