Equal Respect

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No matter the size of the Audience, treat every engagement with equal respect

As I walked up to the stage, I was mentally going through what I was going to say, reviewing my delivery and reciting the key points that I wanted to deliver. About to speak to my biggest audience yet, 250 people that have pro actively supported Passages Resource Centre in its endeavours to positively impact the community and help the youth.

I believe in what Passages are doing, after all, not only am I someone that is advocating for them, I am also someone that has been massively helped by their services. My aim was to get across to their audience the real reasons why Passages is a service worth supporting, I was there to benefit the audience.

Fast Forward by two weeks and Entering the community centre me and my best friend looked around, a couple of small fold out tables scattered around the room and a male Lions Club member there to set up their meeting before the members arrived.

We started to talk about the club, it was a small club, about 15 members, most meetings roughly 10 people arrived, quite a different environment to the fundraising day that I had spoken at two weeks prior.

In my mind I started going over what I was going to speak about, what I needed to focus on in order to add as much value to the clubs members as possible, after all, I was there to benefit the audience.

I would attempt to speak to them with as much passion and enthusiasm as I had delivered to the audience of 250.

Regardless of the audience present I aim at giving people as much of myself as possible, on adding as much value to their lives as I can. Every speech is tailored and although some speeches may require masses of research, run for longer periods of time, or require slide show presentations and resources, ultimately I aim at giving as much of my energy to the audience when I am delivering my speeches, regardless of the audience.

Whether an organization meets in a function area with beautiful table settings or a community room with fold out tables, I believe that everyone deserves to get the most presence from me when I am there with them.

It is this attitude towards respecting people and respecting the quality of your work that I believe differentiates the people that make an impact in peoples lives and those that don’t. No matter what you do in life, it is important to remember that when you are “On” you must be “On”, no matter the audience.

Deliver to your audience, Put your best energy into your work no matter your field and remember to treat every engagement with equal respect.