PRACTICE what you Preach!

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If you want to impact peoples lives in a positive manner you must PRACTICE what you Preach.

For what you say to truly resonate with people their must be congruence, congruence between what you say and what you do. For those that wish to practice what you preach their are four simple steps that you can take to have what you say impact people positivly in the way you desire.

1. Be Responsible

Although many people say that you need to dive head first into something to really learn about it, the truth is that if you want others to listen to you, you actually have a responsibility to provide those that you are talking to with the strongest information that you can possibly provide them with. You need to ensure that you are being responsible, it is not enough to just think that you know something, you need to really know it, to have internalized it if you wish to be able to truly pass it on to someone else.

2. Be “THAT guy” or be “THAT girl”.

If you want peopleĀ to take you seriously you have to “Be THAT guy” or “Be THATĀ girl”, in other words, you need to embody your preachings fully. Your life should rotate around how you can be the living embodiment of what you are endeavouring to tell people about. It is not good enough to talk about work ethics and to tell others how they can improve their work ethics if you yourself have trouble working for longer than a couple of hours, this principle can be applied to whatever it is you wish to do in life. “Be THAT guy” before you try and tell other people how to “Be THAT guy”

The question to ask is if someone came to my house, would my life reflect that which I am preaching?

3. Experiment

To practice what you preach you should have experimented, it is not good enough to only know one solution to a problem, you should know multiple solutions to multiple problems within a given area and should have experimented in various techniques. If for example you are a personal trainer and someone came to you saying that they wanted to lose weight and you told them a specific way of training that would get them the results they wanted but you yourself had not experimented with other techniques of training then how could you possibly be providing them with what they need?

4. Talk only on what you know, have learned and have experienced

There is no experience quite like personal experience, however, your personal experience may not be relevant for all those that you have the potential to impact. For this reason you must take in a wider variety of learnings, learnings that you can apply to what you endeavour to teach others, learnings that will ultimately expand your ability to communicate to multiple demographics. This is done by reading, watching documentaries, attending seminars, discussions with mentors and any other form of informative process where you are not relying on your own personal experience for a reference point.
You should aim to look at all your relationships that you have with people from the perspective of either being a teacher or a student, or being both both and remember that in the same way that a child will rebel against that which their parents preach to them but will follow the behaviours which they see. So to will all relationships follow in the same process.
It is important to remember that people are intuitively receptive of congruence and that if you wish for people to take on what you say, you must practice what you preach.