For the love of play

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The saddest thing that happens to most adults is the slow loss of their inner child.

People often wonder how children have so much energy, how they are able to go…and go………and go and are just able to play non stop. Their burning fire to run, jump, play and explore and to push their limits gives them extraordinary periods of growth in regards to their learning and is in essence the core requirement to having an abundance of energy!

The truth is that when play and exploration and high levels of physical movement are cultivated their is a feed on affect and more energy will subsequently be created. Because your mind and body realizes that you use the energy that it creates it will continue to create it. The biggest myth regarding this is the one of the idea you should attemptĀ to conserve energy if you wish to have it when you “need it”. This only results in a drop in your metabolism and a slowing down of all areas of your mind, spirit and bodily functions.

If we wish to have the fire and excitement of a child we must remember to be like children. To be carefree, focus on activities that stimulate our physiology and mental well-being and ultimately that harness our inner abundance of energy.